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      Life Insurance Advice & Quotes      Advice on Life Insurance - Life Cover Typical Key Features

  • Lump Sum policy (where cover is paid out as a lump sum during the term)
  • Income policy (where cover is paid out as a income during the term)
  • Whole Life Insurance Policy (where cover is paid out whenever it happens)
  • Increasing policy (where cover and premium rise over the term)
  • Single Life Insurance Cover policy (where cover is paid out as on one life only)
  • Joint Life Insurance Cover policy (where cover is paid out on 1st or 2nd death)
  • Decreasing Life Insurance Cover policy (where cover fall over the term)
  • Renewable Life Insurance Cover policies (which lets you extend the original term after say 5/10 years)
  • Endowment Insurance Plan (an investment amount can also be paid out when the plan ends)
  • Convertible Life Insurance Cover (option to convert the life plan to another type during its term)
  • Flexible Protection Plan (where cover maybe amended, extended or benefits added or removed)
  • Guaranteed Life Insurance Cover (where the premiums stay the same during the term)
  • Reviewable Life Cover (premiums at a review may go up - usually every year or 5 years)
  • Waiver of Premium (the Insurer waives/protects & covers your premiums after a deferred period of 4/8/13/26 weeks due to sickness or accident)
  • Premiums paid monthly or annually ( which is sometimes cheaper ) & usually by direct debit
  • Life Assurance benefits are currently paid out tax free on death 
  • To help avoid Inheritance Tax issues on death - policy should be considered placing into trust
  • Life Insurance Advice ~ Protection Priority ~ Example Tables

Advice for Life Insurance

Case Examples

Priority 1

Priority 2

Priority 3

Priority 4

Priority 5

Single - no dependents

Protecting your income - if you cannot work

Providing a lump sum if you are critically ill - long term

Providing quality medical care if you are ill

Life protection for funeral costs

Life protection for any debts, to clear the estate

Single - with dependents

Life protection of debt for benefit of dependents in case of death

Protecting your income  if you cannot work

Providing a lump sum if you are critically ill - long term

Providing income for your family in case of your death

Providing quality medical care if you are ill

Married/common law partnership - no dependents

Life protection against any joint debt or loan

Protecting your income - if you cannot work

Providing a lump sum if you are critically ill - long term

Providing life protection, or for a term cover need

Providing quality medical care if you are ill

Married/common law partnership - with dependents

Life protection of debt for benefit of dependents in case of death

Protecting your income  if you cannot work

Providing a lump sum if you are critically ill - long term

Providing income for your family in case of your death

Providing quality medical care if you are ill

Many people searching the internet are not just looking for cheap life insurance quotes but also getting quality Life Insurance advice; Life Assurance advice to help provide some financial security for people who depend on you as a breadwinner or partner if for example you died, were critically ill or had long term sickness issues. Please see the above Life Insurance examples Priority Protection tables to understand some typical priorities one should consider dependant on your individual circumstances.

So to make sure you buy the right amount of cover, with the right terms and conditions, you should consider getting some lifeassurance advice not just getting the cheapest quote for a random amount. The correct Life Insurance Advice means the adviser assesses what your family would need, and compares Life Insurance Providers for the life assurance cover that suits you best.

Advice on Life Insurance

Always answer questions as best you can and disclose any existing medical conditions when asked. If you don't give the full facts, you could invalidate your policy and the insurance company won't pay out.

Note if you don't have a partner, spouse or children, dependants or indeed any committments then your needs maybe totally different & you may not need life insurance advice.

Life Insurance Advice - 2 types of Term Insurance ~ Lump Sum or Income Cover.

Term assurance pays out only if you die within a certain term. Whole of life assurance [ eg; if you are looking for over 50 ' s life insurance cover ] pays out whenever you die and may also contain an investment element to them, but such investment-type policies may cost more than protection-only insurance. Advice on Life Insurance

Term Life Assurance - Lump Sum     

This is the simplest and cheapest type of life assurance, and is known as term assurance because you choose how what term ie; how long you're covered for, say, 10, 15, or 20 years (the term).

Term life assureance only pays out if the life assured dies within the term you've agreed. If you live longer than the term, you get nothing. As a couple, you can also take out term life cover in both your names, with the policy paying out if either of you die during the term.

Also consider how large the tem life cover you need if this is not covering say just a debt like a mortgage or loan. Common practise is 10 x salary.

Term Life Assurance - Family Income Benefit

This policy pays out income rather than a lump sum & maybe suitable for those who mainly require income on death or critical illness. This plan may be increasing to help offset inflation. Family Income Benefit plans are also popular for people getting divorced and wishing to protect their monthly divorce maintenance payments

Advice on Life Insurance - Check the Small Print

When looking for Life Insurance Advise , check for any exclusions - in other words, when the policy won't pay out. For example, many plans do not cover death due to suicide during an initial term, alcoholism or drug abuse. You might not be covered while taking part in risky sports. If your health is poor when the policy starts, some causes of death might be excluded or you might be refused cover altogether. As mentioned, always disclose any existing or pre-existing medical conditions when asked. If you don't give the full facts, you could invalidate your policy and the insurance company won't pay out.

Premiums shown are usually fixed for the whole term life insurance. There are also contracts where premiums are reviewable, after a certain period, usually 5 years.
How flexible is the contract? Can you reduce or increase cover easily as your circumstances change? Are there extra charges for doing this? Does cover stop immediately if you miss a payment or is there a period of grace?

Advice for Life Assurance

By paying extra, you can usually include a waiver of premium. It pays the premiums if you can't work because of a long-term illness so that your cover is not interrupted.
If you want to change life cover provider, check the level of premiums for the new contract before switching (premiums may have gone up because of older age or because you have developed medical conditions). Also check the new level of cover compared to the previous one. Different benefits may be available, and different exclusions may be applied - for example you may not be covered for medical conditions that have developed before the switch even if these were covered under the previous contract. If you do decide to change, make sure you do not cancel your original cover until you are fully covered by the new contract.

The policy can be set up under trust. This means that in the event of death, proceeds of the deceased life assured policy are paid directly to dependants of your choice. Provided a trust is set up properly, there may be benefits to doing this. Most Insurers provide standard trust forms. However, using a trust may not be suitable for everyone and because of the complexities we recommend you may wish to seek legal life assurance advice. 

What does my Life Insurance Cost ?

This depends on several factors, such as the amount of cover you want and the length of the term. Naturally, it's also based on the likelihood of your insurer having to pay out: if you're a smoker and do a dangerous job, you'll pay more than a non-smoking office worker. Always compare what's covered by a policy, not just the price. Some might be cheaper than others, but they may not offer the same level of protection. 

 Advice on Life Insurance - Keep your legal documents safe !

Naturally when getting life insurance advice - the end result maybe that the life cover plan you take out does payout - but maybe sooner than intended ! As such, do not forget this is a legal document & needs to be kept safe. Documents can be stored at home in a safe file or say at the bank in their safe custody.

Advice on Life Insurance [ Medical ]

Documents needed for a Life Insurance Claim                          

If the life assurance policy holder dies becomes critically ill or is off long term sick etc; during the term of the life insurance policy - the life assured or beneficiaries or power of attorney will need to contact the life insurance company for a claim form. If the person died, the claim form will need to be signed by the life insurance beneficiary or the policy holder's representative and also be accompanied with an official copy of the death certificate. They may also require the original plan documents, trust forms etc;

The death certificate will state the date, location and the cause of the death and has to be signed by a doctor. It usually will also have with it a certificate from the coroner confirming the findings. Life insurance policies may have clauses that were agreed to at the time of taking out the policy & that will stipulate any types of death that are not covered eg; suicide, aids, war or natural causes not just accidental death. 

What happens if you cannot find the original life ins urance policy document ? Well the person will usually have paid for their lifecover from their bank account on a monthly or annual basis, so check this up. Some accidental death plans form part of a bank or credit card contracts. If not, then if this person then dies without a will or has not kept clear records, finding out whether they held life assurance can be difficult. Some of those people who move home also forget to inform their life insurer of their new address.

Often, these lost life insurance policies were taken out pre-2000, and as the Uk Insurance marketplace has changed - there is always a possibility that the firm used has been bought out and merged into a larger insurer. See our guide list to uk insurers or try the Unclaimed Assets Register* which could be helpful.

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