Free Gifts Life Insurance 2020

"Free Gifts” – This maybe an expensive Life Insurance Deal ?

    5 REASONS " Not to Buy Life Insurance with Free Gifts "

  1. Providers often increase their premiums - to cover the cost of their ‘Free Gifts’ 
  2. Maybe £1,000’s more expensive longer term - against Broker quoted deals 
  3. Only 1 Insurer used by many providers - compared by 
  4. May not be the most suitable Insurers plan - or most comprehensive policy
  5. Not get the benefit of Professional Advice - via a Financial Adviser

CONCLUSION: Don’t just base your Families future health &

well being on any ‘Free Gift’

Free Gifts with Life Insurance


  • Our Example Trial Quote was
  • £500,000 level term life insurance 30 years [quoted 3/1/2020]*
  • We Independently Tested comparison online quotes for a Male aged 40, Smoker, Fit & Healthy

broker deals

  •  We firstly quoted our 5 cheapest Broker Rate Deals with no fee discounts
  • 1) £81pm - AIG 
  • 2) £82pm - Zurich 
  • 3) £83pm - Legal General 
  • 4) £84pm - Vitality Life
  • 5) £85pm - Aegon

So cheapest broker test quote 
£500,000 level term life insurance over 30 years = AIG £81pm

We Compared against 5 Leading Life Insurance Quotes ‘Free Gift Deals 2020′

  • Post Office life insurance over 50's with giftsPOST OFFICE – Upto £50 free gift cards
  • This Provider only uses Royal London
  • Their Post Office Life Insurance Online Quote = £194pm ^
  • So £1,356pa or £40,680 – lifetime cost more expensive

  • Beagle Street life insurance over 50's with giftsBEAGLE STREET – Upto £180 Amazon free gift cards
  • This Provider only uses Scottish Friendly
  • Their Beagle Street Life Insurance Online Quote = £141pm
  • So £720pa or £21,600 – lifetime cost more expensive 

  • Marks & Spencers life insurance over 50's with gifts M&S BANK – M&S free gift Vouchers
  • This Provider only uses HSBC Life
  • Their M&S Bank Life Insurance Online Quote = £135pm
  • So £648pa or £19,440 – lifetime cost more expensive 

  • CIS Coop life insurance over 50's with giftsCOOP – Upto £50 free gift food voucher
  • This Provider only uses Royal London
  • Their Co-op Life Insurance Online Quote = £128pm
  • So £564pa or £16,920 – lifetime cost more expensive 

  • Direct line life insurance over 50's with giftsDIRECT LINE – Upto £180 
  •                                       Amazon, Love2Shop or M&S free gift cards
  • This Provider only uses AIG
  • Their Direct Line Life Insurance Online Quote = £108pm ^
  • So £324pa or £9,720 – lifetime cost more expensive 

  • These are sample Life Insurance Free Gifts trial quote comparisons v our own Broker Rates 

  • Quotes / T&C’s / gift deals may all vary online if compared in the future & premiums fully paid

  • (Lifetime Costs more expensive - All against our AIG broker test quote = £81pm )

  • ^ AIG & Royal London just offered their basic 3 Critical Illness Plan Option. HSBC None
  • Often you have to pay more than 6 months+ premiums before any gift deal applies


CONCLUSION: Our Broker trial quotes were Lifetime £1,000’s cheaper.

So ‘Free Gifts can proove expensive’

.Free gifts with life insurance 2020



1 ]  Free £30,000 Life Insurance

  • This great gift deal for 2020 is currently via Post Office & Aviva
  • Providers offers £15,000 per any New Parent for each child & for upto 12 months
  • New Parents can apply for separate policies if under 4 years old for each child
  • 1 Insurer allows you to apply upto 8 children ie; £15,000 x 8 = £120,000 per parent
  • Terms & Conditions will apply. May not qualify if you have serious health issues

CONCLUSION: New Parents could get Free Life Insurance for upto 1 year

Free Gifts with Life Insurance

2] Free Gift Rewards via Some Insurers

  • Some Insurers like Vitality Life offer points for keeping your active Health status
  • You can earn discounts & rewards eg; Starbucks, Amazon Prime, Ocado, VUE & Virgin Gym Active
  • They also reward you chance to keep your premiums low in future by staying active & healthy

CONCLUSION: Earn rewards to those who demonstrate good long term health

3] Free Broker Help 

  • Why buy what could be your most expensive lifetime purchase, with no advice ?
  • It costs nothing ( other than your time ) to initially talk to one of our Professional Financial Advisers
  • Some have over 25 years experience in Financial Services.
  • A problem shared is a problem halved

CONCLUSION: Use our expertise to help get the gift of an ideal life insurance plan

4] Free Poorer Health Check Comparison

  • What happens if you have poor health or family history eg; Raised BMI, Diabetes, Cancer ?
  • In this instance, an Insurer maybe likely to increase your premiums to cover their higher risk
  • Our ‘Free Gift Life Insurance’ Providers list did not offer a poorer health comparison check
  • As they only used 1 Provider, you would be unable to compare if their deal is even fair
  • Our brokers may kindly contact various Underwriters to check around Competitive rates
  • We maybe able to get standard rates, whereas your Free Gift Life Insurer may not do so

CONCLUSION: Our Brokers compare Insurers deals if you have health concerns

5] Free Critical Illness Insurance Upgrade

  • Many ‘Free Gift Life Insurance’ deals also just offered their basic 3 Critical Illness plan option
  • These 3 Critical Illness plans may just cover certain types of cancer, heart disease & stroke
  • Child cover is also not included as free part of some of these deals, unlike other broker quotes
  • Some ‘Free Gift’ providers have also limited the total amount of critical illness cover allowable
  • This limit could be age dependant, or just based on a low percentage % of main life cover amount
  • Using brokers you could access a wider marketplace, higher cover levels without plan restrictions

CONCLUSION: Broker Critical Illness Deals may cover 50+ benefits ( not just 3 )

Free Gifts with Life Insurance

 6] Free Waiver of Premium Benefit access

  • Our ‘Free Gift Life Insurance’ Providers check all did not offer access to waiver benefit option
  • Waiver benefit means premiums are paid due to a longer term illness or accident
  • Premiums could be ‘waived’ after 4/8/13/26 weeks until return to work or plan end
  • It makes sense to have waiver if you have low savings, no sickpay or income PHI
  • Should you have to stop your cover, you may find it hard to get an affordable deal again

CONCLUSION: Premium Waiver ensures your cover is not at risk upon ill health

7] Free Access to Higher Age at entry limits

  • Our ‘Free Gift Life Insurance’ Providers we checked all did not allow higher age limits
  • You were often restricted to a maximum age entry & this could be as low as age 59
  • You may feel your only choice then is best over 50's life cover
  • As brokers we may offer access to alternative Providers who go upto age 85 currently

CONCLUSION: Don’t feel you have been declined life insurance cover due to age

 8] Free Vaping Smoker Life Insurance checks

  • The ‘Free Gift Life Insurance’ Providers we checked all did not offer this vaping deal
  • This means the Insurers will still class you on more expensive smoker rates if you vape
  • As brokers we may possibly offer alternative Providers who charge lower vaping costs
  • These usually apply if you have given up all nicotine products for 1 year before vaping
  • Terms & Conditions will apply as always

CONCLUSION: Contact us for deals that may offer you cheaper Vaping only rates

 Free Best Advice Insurance Policy reviews

  • The ‘Free Gift Life Insurance’ Providers we checked all did not offer broker support
  • What happens if you already have life insurance that you are thinking of stopping ?
  • Since then your situation has changed eg; you have a new partner or got married
  • You are now thinking of having a joint policy instead to replace a single life insurance
  • Or you have an existing critical illness lifecover & this newer deal seems cheaper
  • By dealing with a broker you can discuss over your best options moving forwards

CONCLUSION: Please freely access our Professional Advice when arranging your Life Insurance

10] Free Access to Range of Life Insurers

  • Don’t restrict yourself to 1 Insurer, a limited product range & higher costs all just for a ‘free gift’
  • Independant Brokers can help you source a competitive deal especially if you have any health concerns
  • By dealing with a broker you can discuss over your best options moving forwards
  • Note: We get paid a commission advice fee for only arranging a policy once setup via the Insurers

CONCLUSION: Makes sense to compare a range of Life Insurance Company deals not just 1 Insurer

CONCLUSION: Should I buy a Life Insurance with Free Gifts Cards ?

No, as you may already guess, we don’t think just getting a Free Gift Card should determine your Life Insurance.
Our research has shown it could work far more expensive £££ in the longer term

Free Gifts with Life Insurance

Free Gifts with Life Insurance - Review 2020 


Broker advice comparing Life Insurance & Free Gifts






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