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What is an Ex Smoker for Life Insurance purposes ?

If completing a Life Insurance application - many Uk Insurers ask if you have smoked or used 'any form of tobacco or nicotine based products' in the past 12 months; If so, you are still classed as a smoker - as a catch all Insurers question. Beyond minimum 12 months & that is for most Insurers deemed as OK. However, many Insurers will still then ask when you last smoked... ie; how long are you an ex-smoker ? eg; Was this 1 year/3 years/5 years or more.  

Is Occasional or 'one off' cigarette - classed as an Ex Smoker for Life Insurance ?

So anyone who maybe still smokes the odd 'one off' occasional cigarette socially, or that Xmas cigar - in many Insurer’s eyes is classed as a smoker. As such, therefore still deemed a risk for life insurance as you have not quit smoking. If unsure ask your Broker or Provider as terms may vary for this. 

Is e-cigarettes (Vaping) - classed as Smoker or Ex Smoker for Life Insurance ?

These newer alternative liquid form vaping smoker products may state they reduce the risk on your health, but many Insurers can still classify this as smoking ( but some may apply better terms...please ask us for advice here.) ie; No nicotine based products for at least 12 months.

Is Gum or Patches or Inhalators - classed as an Ex Smoker for Life Assurance ?

Again these products may help reduce the risk on your health, but many Insurers can still classify this as smoking ( please ask us for advice here.) ie; No nicotine based products for at least 12 months.

Given up smoking Cannabis, Pot or Marijuana ? Is this classed as an Ex Smoker ?

This is slightly different, as Insurers class these as drugs, so may increase the risk on your health. Insurers will need to know exactly what drugs you took & any adverse side effects on say your mental health. They will definately ask how long you have given up & does not follow the timeline same criteria as tobacco or nictotine products for ex smokers [ but the longer the better ] . It is best to inform your broker or insurer & then view what can be offered and maybe only after GP reports.

Will I be tested by the Life Insurance Company - To prove I am a Ex Smoker ?

How do Insurance Companeis know if you smoke ? If you declare yourself a non-smoker on the life insurance application, there is a possibility you will maybe also asked to undergo a cotinine test to prove you have quit smoking ie; ex smoking status. This test checks your nicotine levels & reads how long absent this is from your body. No point in lying when you apply, as your policy may not payout & you could waste the premiums and leave your family devastated.

Should I tell my Doctor I am now an Ex Smoker to get None Smoker rates ?

This does make sense to advise your GP that you have given up smoking & that it is noted in your medical health records you are now a ex smoker or none smoker. Again, they may do a cotinine check as mentioned above. 

My current Life Cover has Smoker Rates... Can I now get Ex-Smokers Life Cover ?

If you have an existing life insurance or critical illness policy taken out when you were a smoker & as mentioned above, you now believe youself to be an ex smoker, there is a good possibility you could qualify now for a policy on Non Smoker rates. Dependant on when you took the life insurance out [ assuming you have had no other major health or lifestyle issues interim ] you could maybe qualify to get potentially lower ex smokers premiums. It is best to inform your broker or insurer & then view what choices can now be offered.

If I start smoking after taking out Life Insurance - Do I need to now tell them ?

Life Insurance cover is based on full disclosure at the time you took the plan out - so does not void your policy. If you had legitimately stopped smoking for over 12 months at that time, you were entitled to get better Ex Smoker Life Insurance rates. As such, you may wish to advise the Insurers you have started smoking again - but this should not affect the original policy terms which should still stand - you were being honest. Also maybe suggest letting your GP know if this is the case. 

In Conclusion, Being an ex smoker means you appreciate the various challenges that is required on a daily basis to overcome any nicotine urges; Let trying to get life insurance on Ex-Smoking terms hopefully not be another great challenge. Either way please approach us for friendly Professional Help on the Best Life Insurance Deals for Ex-Smokers.



Designed to cover a repayment mortgage on death or terminal illness as it decreases during the plan term. Can also include critical illness cover.

LIFE INSURANCE - for Ex Smokers

Offering a family protection lump sum if the policy holder dies or is diagnosed with a terminal illness during the term or whole lifecover. 


Offering family protection via an income if the policy holder dies or is diagnosed with a terminal illness during the term. Could also help cover maintenance payments if needed.

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Helps ease financial worries if you are diagnosed with a critical illness as specified by the  Insurance Company.  


Helps ease financial worries if your child is sadly diagnosed with a critical illness as specified by the Insurance Company.


Providing security by way of an income if you are off sick or have an accident. 

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